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"I've learned how the system works: I only smoke when spoken too!! :-)"

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Stop-smoking methods are not very smart. Truth is, only 2% of smokers successfully quit each year – using all methods combined.

What you need is a proven method.
In a word – its SmokeSignals®.

HALF THE COST of most drug methods.

SmokeSignals gradually weans off nicotine
while it breaks the habits that keep you hooked.

  • No drugs or nicotine supplements. 
  • No agonizing will power.
  • Low withdrawal symptoms and cravings. 
Smoking is not just about nicotine. A huge part is the habits – the associations you have with triggering situations.

To quit, you must reduce your nicotine dependence while you "unlearn" those associations with smoking.

That is what the SmokeSignals® system does best.
  • It profiles your smoking habits, based on your actual usage.
  • It personalizes a reduction schedule tailored just to your patterns.
  • It beeps and flashes when to smoke, gradually reducing you to zero – painlessly and with less withdrawal discomfort.
SmokeSignals® is all about YOU -- YOUR plan delivered through your smart cigarette case, your progress charts and your e-mails.

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20 minutes
after your last cigarette
your body starts to
recover – and continues
every year thereafter.

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